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Find the true beauty and power of your singing voice

In just a few months I believe you'll be singing with a better sound and with more power than you thought possible.

You love to sing.  Perhaps you sing in your church, school or community choir.  Or maybe you're more ambitious and sing solo.  You might have your sights on a professional career as a singer.  Whatever your reasons for singing, I can help you improve your voice with singing lessons.

And it doesn't matter what type of music you sing - musical theatre, sacred music, opera, popular, or whatever - studying singing will expand your options, ensure your vocal health, and make your singing more enjoyable.

You just love to sing.  It’s your passion.  Maybe you sing in a choir, at your church, at your school, or just with the radio in your car … or in the shower!  Maybe your sights are set on an operatic career or on the musical theatre stage. Perhaps you already sing professionally, are attempting to break into the business, or just want to sing better for your own pleasure. 

If singing is your passion and/or your profession and you want to improve and learn more, I would like to work with you. I can help you understand about how your voice works and help you progress with your singing very quickly. I will help you find ways to feel more at ease and confident when you perform.

No matter what type of singing you love: musical theatre, sacred or religious music, opera, or pop - taking voice lessons will help you increase your range, expand your breath, improve your musical and performance skills, increase your options, safeguard your vocal health, and make your singing more enjoyable.


So what exactly do voice lessons and the study of singing 
do for your voice?

By taking singing lessons, you will:

  • Make your singing easier
  • Increase the size of your voice
  • Make your voice more resonant
  • Gain more control of your voice 
  • Increase your range
  • Improve the beauty of your voice
  • Get more pleasure from your singing
  • Find more opportunities to stand out from the crowd
  • Get compliments from other about your new voice
  • Gain more confidence in your voice

How can taking voice lessons help you?

You will:

  • Begin to sound better almost immediately
  • Have better control over your singing
  • Increase your range and your breath control
  • Repair any pitch problems.
  • Make your voice larger and more beautiful
  • Improve or develop your diction and style
  • Learn how to keep your voice healthy and strong
  • Gain more confidence in your performance

With just a few short weeks of lessons you will sound much better and feel more confident as you learn the “how-to’s” of good singing.

Contact me for a FREE trial voice lesson

In over 30 years of professional singing and teaching others to sing all kinds of music, styles and language, I have experienced and developed methods that will help get you moving toward your goals quickly.  I believe you will experience a change in your singing with just a few lessons.

Marsha Anderson           214-796-5729
505 King Richard          
Irving, TX 75060

email: marsha.a.anderson.email@gmail.com

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